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Food News From Around The World

Grill fruit 

To “heat up” grilled fruit, add a pinch of cayenne, ground chipotle chili powder or red pepper flakes to the oil or buttery glaze that you brush over fruit halves or slices on the grid. Fresh pineapple rings are great with orange butter and a shower of black pepper; peach halves are savory with their small cups filled with a spoonful of marmalade mixed with red pepper flakes. 

Second duck site 

Joe Ciotti, a representative of the U.S. Duck Council (an association of White Pekin duck farmers that includes Maple Leaf Farms in northern Indiana) responded to last week’s recipes on the easy, if not inexpensive, ways to prepare duck. He says to find more great duck recipes Web site created by the U.S. Duck Council to help at-home chefs prepare duck with ease. 

“Taste of Kentucky for Chocolate Lovers” featuring Kentucky Proud Food Products from Ruth Hunt Candies, Weisenberger Mills and Dixie Dew. Stop-in and sample Ruth Hunt chocolate candies, Weisenberger Mills chocolate nut pie and Dixie Dew’s Harry’s Choice chocolates. Register to win a Ruth Hunt large solid milk chocolate “kiss” and receive a complimentary recipe for Hot Fudge Cake using Harry’s Choice Fat/Free-Sugar/Free chocolate which is approved by Weight Watcher’s. 

New food mill 

It’s so retro, but so chic. Oxo International’s new food mill looks good in stainless steel and white enamel and is easy to use. The mill has a more-than-2-quart capacity, foldable legs to prop it over pots and bowls and a spring-loaded lever that makes it simple to change the three disks (fine, medium or coarse). Available in Williams-Sonoma cookware stores first, priced about $50, the food mill should be more widely available now. For tomato puree, mashed potatoes, cream of vegetable soups and applesauce, crank away. 

The food mill is a better choice than a food processor (Cuisinart) whenever a food such as apple or tomato wedges are to be simmered with the skins on (for extra nutrients and color), but the cook eventually wants a puree with all the peels and seeds separated out. For example, when making applesauce, unpeeled apple wedges, cooked tender and still hot, can be cranked through a food mill so the tough apple peels remain in the food mill bowl, as the apple flesh is pushed through the fine holes by a wide, tilted blade that’s attached to the food mill’s crank. 

Varietal potatoes 

Betty Crocker brand has introduced sweet potato and Yukon Gold instant potatoes. Available nationwide in August, these instants represent the two fastest-growing potato varietals: The summer consumption of sweet potatoes is up 165 percent in the last 15 years. Ya’think the word is out that sweet potatoes contain more vitamins than white potatoes? We tried the instant sweet potatoes, but it’s thumbs down on flavor. Fresh sweet potatoes taste better roasted 1 hour at 350 degrees. Next best: Two whole sweet potatoes are microwave-tender in about 10 minutes. If you must have the instants, stir in a half-cup of applesauce. 

Palestinian National Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas delivered on the 20th fiercely worded speech will Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) members as terrorists , accusing the Gaza Strip will become an empire of darkness. Abbas also the first time Hamas has publicly accused of plotting the assassination of launching attacks, but were denied Hamas. (Photograph shows Hamas control of the Gaza Strip) announced assassination attempt Abbas, the PLO central committee speech, the right to seek its own dissolution Hamas government, and so the government decided to set up emergency support.

 This is the 14th Hamas won control of the Gaza Strip since the actual Abbas in the first meeting of the PLO central committee at the meeting. Abbas said he prepared a month ago to Gaza, Hamas is plotting main streets of Gaza following a tunnel bombing attack on its own. I have received information from Gaza, Hamas to assassinate me. He said: Later I saw a Hamas video. In the video, six Hamas members are talking about approximately 259 kilograms of explosives, of which three people have been repeating that the bomb for Abu Mazen (Abbas alias) ready.

 Abbas said he has copies of the video transmitted to all the Arab countries, to prove that the tactics used by Hamas how dark. Abbas called on the Palestinian-Israeli issue at international conferences. Denounced that terrorists Hamas, Abbas severely abnormal language, its called terrorists and coup and said Hamas is in the Gaza into a dark empire. Abbas said that Hamas in Gaza repeatedly attacked the government signs, including the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat s residence. AP said that this is the government has announced the dissolution of Hamas, Abbas made the most hardline speech.

 Counterattack Hamas accused Abbas of Hamas in firmly denied. Hamas spokesman Aimandaha said Abbas s speech is a joke , full of lies and contradictory statements , and called on supporters took to the streets to protest against Abbas s speech. On the 20th, Israel sent tanks and armored vehicles attacks in the Gaza Strip, killing four Palestinian militants, which is controlled Hamas in Gaza since Israel first launched attacks in the region.

 The same day, Israeli Foreign Minister Livni appealed Qi by telephone with Pakistani Prime Minister Salam Fayyad emergency government held talks. Although Israel had maintained contact with Abbas, but Israel and the Palestinian Cabinet of 15 senior ministry officials held formal contacts. Isolation facing more serious situation, Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar on the 20th Associated Press interview, he said that if the Israelis in the Gaza Strip to stop military action, then Hamas ability to stay on the Israeli rocket attack. 

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