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Utah State Fair Offers Food Based Fun

For ten days each September you can find the Utah State Fair packed with over 300,000 people in the town of Salt Lake City. The fair features Grandstand entertainment, exhibits, a PRCA Rodeo, and a new ‘Utah’s Own Food Court’ where visitors can eat some tasty carnival treats all grown or made in the state of Utah so come down and check it out.

The Grandstand entertainment at the fair comes at a good price. Depending on the musician or group playing your admission ticket may include a free concert. Or if you are purchasing a ticket to see a musical group that concert ticket includes free admission to the fair. All regular fair admission prices include free admission to see the rodeo and demolition derby.

For the little ones the fair occasionally sets up the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit. This is an interactive exhibit that teaches children the connection between food grown on the farm and food that can be bought in the grocery store. Children begin their farming journey in the start barn, where they put on aprons and get baskets. From here they follow a path to a grain silo, chicken coop, apple orchard, garden, tractor shed and sheep barn. At each point they perform an activity representative of what farmer’s do and pick up a product to take with them. For instance, at the grain silo they pick up a small amount of grain to take to the chickens, from there they gather an egg for their basket. By the end of the path they reach a farmer’s market where they can drop off their products and get paid for them. From there the kid’s get to go to the ‘store’ and use their ‘money’ to buy a real agricultural product.

Children and adults both will enjoy the Giant Yellow Slide, the western railroad express where you can catch rides around the fair, and the annual ice cream festival held one day close to the start of the fair. It includes all the ice cream you can eat for a minimal fee. Other food centered activities at the fair include a Competitive Sausage Eating Contest and the Beef Feast, including a Dagwood sandwich and chips for a small fee.

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